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Statement on Machinists 264 contract agreement by Steven A. Tolman, President Massachusetts AFL-CIO

"Breaking Faith: Outsourcing and the Damage Done to our Communities. How the corporation that owns Oreo broke promise after promise to working people and consumers while lining their executives’ po

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On February 26th, thousands of working people across Massachusetts will join a national day of action as we speak out for good, union jobs. The Working People’s Day of Action coincides with the Supreme Court hearings on the Janus vs. AFSCME case. That case is part of a well-funded campaign by the wealthy special interests to divide us from our co-workers – and to limit the power in numbers we have together in a union. Actions are currently being planned in Boston, Springfield, Southeastern MA, Lawrence, Amherst and more. 

Thanks to the pressure you've created the GIC has announced it will reconsider its disruptive decision to eliminate three health insurance carriers. We will keep you up to date on continued actions and outcomes. Click here to see Mass. AFL-CIO Legislative Director John Drinkwater on Boston News Network as he discusses the GIC's undemocratic process, the effects of their decision and the next steps to make the commission more equitable.

Recent News

Last week the German metalworkers’ union, IG Metall, arguably one of the world’s most powerful unions, showed that unions have the power to shape their future workplaces.  

IG Metall negotiated a precedent-setting collective-bargaining agreement that privileges working conditions over wages. It won its key demand that workers have the right to reduce their working week from 35 to 28 hours for a period of up to two years in order to care for family members.

Organized labor finally got its chance to be heard in the debate about how Connecticut can do a better job competing for business and improving its crisis-prone state finances.

Friday January 26 2018,

The Group Insurance Commission (GIC) has announced that they will reverse their decision to eliminate three Massachusetts-based health insurance carriers currently used by more than half of active employees in the GIC. This is good news, but the disruptive decision to drop carriers is not the only problem at the GIC – it is a symptom of a much larger and ongoing problem. The GIC regularly makes decisions that negatively impact the health and finances of workers with a lack of public input or transparency.

President Trump's chief trade official Monday offered a modicum of optimism about the ongoing talks to revamp the North American Free Trade Agreement, even as he shot down two key Canadian proposals and blasted a recent trade action by Canada as a "massive attack on all of our trade laws."